Application of emulsification equipment in the beverage industry



Most fruit and vegetable juices are heterogeneous dispersions of heterogeneous solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, and emulsion tanks, stirred tanks, and high-shear emulsification pumps are required to achieve a high degree of uniformity. Emulsification tank, mixing tank, high shear emulsification pump processing fruit and vegetable juice can improve the mixing and homogenization effect of fruit and vegetable juice, so that fruits and vegetables can be fully mixed under free turbulent state, and subjected to high shear and mixing in laminar flow state, high The shear emulsification pump uses the high shear principle to achieve solid phase micronization and liquid phase emulsification.

In the turbid fruit juice of fruit juice, the pulp is disperse, and the juice is a dispersion medium. In order to fully fuse the two, in addition to adding a stabilizer, a high shear emulsification pump is of course used for shear mixing. During the shearing process, the radius of the suspended particles of the fruit and vegetable juice becomes smaller, the surface area becomes larger, and the number of particle collisions increases, so that the particles are more easily polymerized and a stable system is achieved. The high-shear emulsification pump has a good homogenous dispersion effect on the solid particles and liquid droplets in the juice. The pulp, juice and liquid in the juice are fully refined and mixed, and the uniformity and fineness of the juice are fine. The degree is good. In terms of stability, the solid particles and the aggregate are fully pulverized, the liquid droplets are further dispersed and emulsified, the juice of the fruit and vegetable juice is stably and uniformly mixed, the sedimentation stability is good, the state is uniform, and the mouth feels lubricated. The homogeneous emulsification process of fruit and vegetable juice is a more complicated fluid dispersion mixing process. Different materials have different processes for different materials. Fruit and vegetable juices are realized due to special material characteristics, product stability and uniformity requirements. The effect of homogeneous emulsification is also quite different.

Post time: Apr-01-2019