Dairy production equipment



Qiangzhong mechanical equipment is widely used in the production and manufacture of chemical, food, pharmaceutical, biological and other industrial products. Qiangzhong equipment production process features, aesthetics, quality and weight. The equipment used by Qianzhong Machinery for dairy production lines includes homogenizers, filters, high-temperature instant sterilizers, milk storage tanks, hot and cold cylinders, and heat exchangers. A dairy company and Qiangzhong Technology signed a number of orders for the production of dairy equipment. Milk tank apparatus comprising vertical . 4 rats fermenter 1 rats vertical hot and cold tanks 1 rats duplex filter 1 stage, homogenizer 2 sets, high temperature sterilizer 1 stage, centrifugal pump 3 sets, for 2 sets of heat exchangers. The project is currently in production. A dairy company is a well-known dairy company in China. The dairy products produced mainly include milk powder, condensed milk, cream, cheese, etc., and the production scale is strong. Dairy products are prone to deterioration and microbes because they are rich in various nutrients and proteins. Dairy products must be handled with care, homogenization, filtration, and sterilization. Dairy products should not be stored. The storage tank of dairy products needs to reach no dead angle, no residue and easy to clean. Strong loyalty uses high quality product quality and fine service to exchange customer trust. Strong loyalty from production to production and sales in one, to serve customers,12 years of equipment manufacturing experience, adhere to the best. Qiangzhong has rich experience in mechanical equipment, which meets customer needs to the greatest extent, both technically and qualitatively.

Post time: Apr-01-2019