Food production equipment


Qiangzhong’s materials on food equipment are all made of high-quality sanitary machine stainless steel plate. It has luxurious appearance, smooth surface and good structural performance. It is polished inside and outside, no pollution, no leakage, safe and reliable. In February 2014 , a food manufacturer selected Qiangzhong’s food equipment. The main food produced by a food manufacturer is a confectionery food. The equipment to be purchased includes a filter, a vacuum emulsifying tank, a heating tank and the like. Food manufacturers have asked for technical inquiries and consultations from a number of food equipment manufacturers when purchasing equipment. Qiangzhong gave detailed quotations and answered technical inquiries to these inquiries, and also asked about the details of the equipment. After fully understanding the production needs of the food manufacturing enterprises in Guangzhou, the technical department quickly formulated various plans for the equipment. The person in charge of a food manufacturer was very satisfied with the plan given by Qiang Zhong. Then a person in charge of a food manufacturer came to Qiangzhong to conduct a site visit. After the commissioning of Qiangzhong equipment, the quality of the inspection was satisfactory and the order was signed. . The production of Qiangzhong food equipment is strictly in accordance with the requirements of national food-grade equipment in terms of materials and workmanship. Careful production of every detail, strong loyalty to the product, responsible for the customer, responsible for themselves !

Post time: Apr-01-2019