Vacuum emulsification tank shampoo manufacturer


Recently, a well-known shampoo company ordered 8 vacuum emulsification tank equipments for use as shampoo production lines. Shampoo is a well-known manufacturer of anti-dandruff shampoos in China. The shampoo produced in the market is a medium-to-high-end product.

The mixing and mixing equipment used in the production of shampoo has an electric drill mixer, an emulsifying tank, etc., and the use of the mixing and stirring equipment in the shampoo production indirectly determines the grade of the produced product. Previously, the mixing equipment used in production used the electric drill mixer. The electric drill mixer can also play the role of mixing and stirring in the shampoo production process, but the produced products are prone to excessive foaming and sedimentation, which is due to the electric drill mixer. Due to the shallow agitation or agitation of the sloping during the mixing process, the homogenized material can easily cause bacterial contamination through the electric drill mixer due to poor sealing performance. The development and use of emulsion tanks has changed this situation. The vacuum emulsification tank ordered by the shampoo company combines high-speed shearing, dispersing, homogenizing, mixing and crushing. The tank is mirror-polished and has no sanitary corners. The fully enclosed design is used to stir the production materials under vacuum conditions. Emulsifying and mixing to ensure no pollution during the production process.

Post time: Apr-01-2019