Our Research and Development

The history of the traditional innovation of Wenzhou Qiangzhong Machinery can be traced back to 1999. From pure hand-welded polishing to fully automatic welding and polishing, from dry throwing to water throwing, Qiangzhong people always insist on continuous innovation. This spirit guides us in the direction of advancement. It has not changed until today.Wenzhou Qiangzhong

Modular system

In the core production process of bio-pharmaceutical, food and beverage, fine chemical and other industries, the modular system can effectively reduce the cross-contamination of the product in the production process and the high cost caused by human error. Qiangzhong Machinery uses AUTOCAD and 3D software for professional design, provides modular system solutions and technical services, and provides complete FDA and GMP verification support to meet customers' high quality requirements.

• Purified water injection water system
• CIP/SIP system
• Dosing system
• Online error-proof batching system

The cleaning characteristics of the clean interior and exterior surfaces are critical and the cleaning requirements should be fully considered during the design phase. A dead angle design must be considered to ensure cleanliness and sterilization.
When designing clean containers, Qiangzhong Machinery uses the latest computer-aided means to computer simulate the spray range of CIP cleaning balls to ensure that the cleaning effect meets customer needs, and the amount of cleaning fluid is minimized to reduce the user's operating costs. It is also important to clean the outer surface of the tank. Qiangzhong Machinery considers both aesthetics and practicality when designing the tank. The outer surface must be easy to clean and must be safe for the operator.

Cleaning guarantees

• Corners and corners are rounded
• The surface is evenly polished to provide a polished inspection report
• No gaps or dents
• Seamless parts and accessories

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