Welding Technology

The American Welding Society AWS requires uniform gauges for weldments and automatic welds for high-purity stainless steel piping systems. This is because there are many unavoidable defects in manual welding. For example, the uneven distribution of the weld bead, the roundness of the wall and the thickness of the wall are obviously insufficient, which affects the online work efficiency of CIP / SIP, and more serious is the pipeline content. It is easy to cause microbial over-standard phenomenon.

The automatic welding of the track can avoid all kinds of undesirable phenomena caused by traditional manual welding. This is not just a technical change, because the quality of the welded parts plays a pivotal role in meeting the requirements of automatic welding.

Qiangzhong can provide welding parts that meet the requirements of automatic rail welding to users all over the world. Due to the persistent pursuit of high-purity stainless steel piping system process safety, we have the responsibility and obligation to shoulder this burden and provide customers with the perfect quality welding parts that meet the automatic welding of rails to help customers enhance their value.